By activating this option, if there are inputs and outputs of the same type of interface for the same processor, the bar graph in thest three tabs will show the balance of these by processor. If not, the inputs will be seen as positive and the outputs as negative. Note that the other tabs will use the balance (outputs - inputs) of each type of interface by processor

In this window, the user must choose System, Period, level and the set of interface types with the same unit to be compared. The bar chart shows stacked interfaces types values by scope displaying in transparent colour the quantity externalized.

For a more customized study, This tab allows the user to freely choose which processors to study with a multi select input of interfaces and processors.

This tab allows to compare between different systems and study the externalization of the interface type chosen. The user has the possibility to choose the scenario, period and Interface to Study.

This view of the results allows the user to relate quantities to processors according to hierarchy for a scenario, period and scope. The visualization provides an interactive display of the results by hovering over the processors

by choosing The interface types (flow types) to show,the fund interface type and tying population a End use matrix or Enviroment Pressure Matrix will be show as an excel table

by choosing the indicaror and level the user will be able to compare the same indicator in that level. Only indicators shoosen in EUM tab will be able to choose. The use can aswell customize zones in the gauge plot

After creating the indicators the following screen allows a study of these by level and period visualizing the scope by means of a stacked bar chart.

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

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